We are now accepting applications for attendance at the conference. Each successful applicant will present a poster communication on a topic broadly related to the theme of the conference (eukaryotic ABC transporters, drug resistance in cancer, role of transporters in pharmacokinetics of drugs and xenobiotics etc.). Selection of applicants will be based on scientific merits of the abstract (not necessarily on its closeness to the narrowly understood conference topic – if you are in doubt whether your topic qualifies for the conference, please send a short inquiry to the conference organizers prior to applying) as well as on the perceived profit to the participant and fellow participants from scientific interactions during the conference. Selected applicants will be fully funded with regard to conference participation on site – lodging in the conference hotel (in the period 3rd-7th September), meals throughout the day, social activities during the conference will be paid for by the conference organizers. Free shuttle transportation from the airport in Warsaw to the conference site will also be organised. The only expense to be carried by the participant is airfare to-from Warsaw – we encourage successful applicants to apply for local funding upon receiving our selection letter. Please submit the abstract of your poster, your cv and (optionally) motivation letter. Deadline for submissions: Monday, June 17, 2013

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The abstract must include a title, full names and affiliations (not addresses) of all authors, body of the abstract and acknowledgment of funding sources. The abstract may include up to 3 literature references, but may contain no graphics or tables. The total length of the abstract (including the title, author affiliations and other elements) must be between 2500 and 3500 characters (not counting spaces).


The curriculum vitae must be as comprehensive as possible, including age, full professional education and employment history, detailed description of present position/studentship status (with mailing address), publication record, names and sources of funding of research projects the applicant is currently involved with, previous conference participation with special attention to previous conference fellowships obtained.

Motivation letter:

(Optionally)The motivation letter, not exceeding 2500 characters (not counting spaces) may explain the advantages and profits that the applicant wishes to gain from participation in the conference and his/her planned input to the conference beyond the presentation of the poster communication.


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